What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Monday, January 14, 2013

Very often spiritual people think they are humble...actually, they have the humility of the spiritual pride....

In the bad times you have nobody, because even your good friends don’t want to partake in your suffering. But in the good times they will all sit with you and gather around you, singing and dancing joyfully. We all know that very well, don´t we? Well, this is life, life where each one is very egoistic, thinking only of oneself. Even if they are among a teacher, they don’t know the glory of it, they don’t know the blessing of it. And then afterwards they will say “Oh, how great it was!” When people will afterwards read in the books of those times, they will say “Oh, how great it was: they were among this teacher”. But it is like this, in everyday life. We see it everywhere: when people are near a Teacher, they always judge the Teacher. Actually they are not judging the Teacher: they are judging their own Self. Because what you see, the Teacher, is a mirror of yourself, so that you can learn something. But if you are stupid enough, you will never learn it because even if a Teacher can give you the lesson a hundred times, the stupidity in your mind can blind you completely. Such were the wonders that Christ did, so many, but yet the disciples were all blinded with pride and fear, to the point to deny Him, to the point to betray Him. But even when they came to collect Christ, He didn’t react. He knew that the Will of God is the most important thing. He surrendered to the Will of God. The Master surrendered to the Will of God and did what God told Him to do. Even if it was death, He accepted it happily, and he said “As I, the Shepherd, am being led for the sacrifice, the sheep will be scattered”. Already then He predicted it, but indirectly. He already said everything to them, but they were so blind to themselves, that they couldn’t hear it. Know one thing: a Master will not say directly “You are stupid. You, stupid man, do it like this, like this, like this.” Well, sometimes they will do it like that, but very often they give only hints. If you are clever enough, you will get it. If you are not clever enough, you will not get it. Like that, Christ had given many hints to the disciples. He had said to them so many times that the Son of men would be betrayed and would be lead to the crucifixion, but yet they didn’t understand anything. In the Gospel we see also the beauty of Christ, how He humbled Himself down. He humbled Himself by washing the feet of the disciples, and when Peter wanted to say “No, Lord, I don’t want that you wash my feet”, the Christ said “Well, if I don’t do that, you will not have your place with me in Heaven”. Then Peter said “Ok, wash my head and wash my hands, also”. Then Christ said “But there is no need for that, because when you wash your feet, you wash the whole body”. This is a very symbolic thing, because in the Hindu tradition the feet are considered the most blessed of all. That’s why, whenever you go to a temple, whenever you bow down to the Deity, to the Master, what do you do? You bow down and touch the feet, because the feet are the source of all the powers that the Master has. That’s why, just by touching the feet of the Master, one receives the blessing and also shows reverence and humility. Christ said “What I have done up to you, you all have to do it. You all have to humble yourself. You all have to be ready to lower yourself”. Coming back to the point, in the Gita Krishna said “If you want to realise Me, you have to be more humble than a dry grass”. A dry grass: when we look at a dry grass, it is always crooked down. So if you want to be humble, you have to be even more down than that. And Christ has shown it by washing the feet of the disciples, showing the humility. He is One with God, He has realised the Unity with the Father. The Father had sent Christ but yet He was showing this humility for all the people. To be able to understand, to be able to realise God, one has to be humble. Without being humble, you can forget about it. Very often spiritual people think they are humble. Actually, they have the humility of the spiritual pride, you know. They think they’re humble, but when they really have to act in a humble way, it is completely the opposite. It is not about judging anybody, but it is about realising each one, by selfanalysing - where we can change, what we can change, how we can serve our brothers and sisters. How, in which point, we can say “Ok, let’s forget a little bit about I, I, I, but let’s think about ‘us’, ‘we’”. 

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