What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

Very often in the lives of Saints, you see that they are on the spiritual path and they never loose hope. They never say “No, I can’t attain something”. It's the same with football. When the football man is running with his ball, he has a clear goal where to put the ball. He will not turn back and put it in his own goal.
He is always running towards the goal.
And when he makes a goal, everybody is happy.
When you attain the Divine, everybody will be happy.
You will be happy and everybody else also. So keep running and don’t look back.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

All that we do in our daily life, what we work, our spiritual path is only to attain one thing – to attain the purity of Love, to become self-realised. But to attain this purity, to attain and to realise the Self, one can’t without devotion. Only through Bhakti. Without Bhakti it’s difficult. Like Shree Krishna said in the Gita; “Cast away all dogma. Cast away all from the mind, and surrender to me.” Then only true love can be realised. Otherwise, if you see, with Jnani, it's only in the mind. I don’t say it’s not good, its good. But it will lead you only to a certain level. Karma Yoga is very good to help. But if you’re not helping with the right attitude, it still brings you only to one level. Whereas Bhakti; devotion, what Shree Krishna said to Uddhava; “ Above all the Yoga, I prefer Bhakti Yoga. I prefer the Yoga of devotion. Where the devotees and the Lord become one, when there is no difference that stays.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

We chant the holy names of God, Krishna, Narayana, Jesus, Allah and Babaji. All these names help us to open up more, open up our heart to love. Love cannot be only for oneself. You start it with yourself, you realise it, you know about it and let it expand and give it. This source is non-perishable. The more you give, the more you will feel that it is flowing, and the more you will want to give. The more you try to close it, the more you will make your own self unhappy. Then this unhappiness has to go somewhere – that is how many illnesses are created, because one does not want to open up.
The more your heart is open, the more you are happy. The more you see life in a different way, the more the illness will keep away from you and the more all of the worries around you will cease. God loves us, but we should also start loving. Whatever comes on your way, remind yourself of His love; remind yourself through His manifestation around you, through the manifestation of this body. God has created humankind and placed Himself in each person equally. It does not mean that I am superior to you all, because I’m sitting here in a big chair. In your mind, it may seem like that, but in the Divine all is one.
We form part of one body.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

Once in a town, there was a shoe maker. He would make his shoes while chanting God’s name. And whenever he would go to sell his shoes in the market, he would tell everybody, “Look, by God’s Grace, I bought the leather for one Euro. I bought the nails for a few cents and all together the shoes cost five Euros. I will make a profit of two Euros, by God’s Grace.” He was very sincere. And with everything that he did, his mind was always centred on God. He accepted everything as God’s Grace. The people around him saw this innocence and this love he had for God and they would buy the shoes without any bargaining.

So it happened one night, he could not sleep. While he was sitting in his courtyard, a group of robbers came by, and they kidnapped him. They then went to rob another house. When the owner of this house heard noises, the thieves ran away and left the shoe maker behind with all the jewellery they had robbed. The homeowner saw this innocent shoe maker with all of his belongings and said, “It’s impossible!” But since the shoe maker had all the jewellery on him, the homeowner had doubts in his mind, and said, “Let me call the police.”

The police came and put the shoemaker in prison. The next day he was brought in front of the judge, there the shoemaker said, “By the Grace of God yesterday night I could not sleep. By the Grace of God I was sitting outside of my house. And by the Grace of God some robbers came and kidnapped me. By the Grace of God this man found me. By the Grace of God he thought that I came to steal from him. And by the Grace of God I am here.”Seeing the innocence in the shoe maker, the judge said, “This man is not the one who stole, he has spoken the truth.” While coming out of the court, the shoemaker said to his friend, “It is by the Grace of God that I was freed.” This shows that very often we take everything for granted. We forget that behind all our actions, behind all that is happening is God’s Grace. If we start seeing it in this way, we’ll be happy and we will find peace in everything. Even the worst of things that might come in one’s life, we will see it in a different way.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

There are many ways to realize divinity within oneself, like there are many rivers that flow to the same ocean. The main thing is to find the simplest form. The simplier it is, the more you feel free in whatever path, in whatever way you are. That is the best way. I can’t tell you the way you will realize God and that way you will not realize God. God is sitting deep inside the heart of man and you just need to focus your mind on your heart. Try your best at all times to feel Him.

The best way is to start loving, without thinking of loving, without asking the question, “How to love?” Train your mind to focus on God. Train your mind to focus on yourself. By focussing, take any divine name, take any divine aspect. Keep chanting the name. Then you realize that you have become one with this name. It’s not the name apart from you, but it’s the name of your own Self.
The more you think of yourself being human, which many people often think about, the more they become human. But the more you think of yourself being the Spirit, being part of Divinity, the more you will become the Spirit and Divinity.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swami Vishwananda tells you today:

There was once a Saint in India, who was living as a hermit in a small hut made from grass. A couple came to him and said, “Guruji, we love you so much. We’ll make you a nicer hut, much stronger. Please, come with us.” The Saint said, “No, no, no, no. I'm happy where I am, I don’t want to come.”
After a while, the Saint thought about it, called the couple and said, “Yes, I will come with you, but only if you do me one favor.” The couple was very happy and said, “If you are asking, we'll do anything for you.” To that the Saint answered, “Let me come and live in your toilet.”
The couple was wondering, “Why do you want to come live in our toilet when we want to build a nice hut for you?” The Saint said, “I’d rather stay in your toilet than among devotees or people who are only looking for fame and glory. These people come to me looking only to end their misery, but they are not really looking for God. If I stayed in the toilet, I’d rather bear the smell of the toilet than bear the insincerity of those people... and also the smell of the toilet would keep them away.”
This made the couple realize how people are. People are searching, yes, but they are not sincere toward themselves. Only when you are sincere towards yourself, you will you find your path. When accept yourself, when you accept the will of God, you will accept whatever He gives you as right. When you surrender to His will, when you surrender to His love, then you say, “Yes, God, I believe in you and I trust in whatever you’re doing for me. I trust in your love. I don’t doubt you.”
But when we doubt Him, we question Him, and we are not truthful. Then we say, “God, you have made a mistake.” But how can God make a mistake when He’s so perfect? How can love, which is the purity of your true self, make a mistake? It can’t. It can only be a mistake when there is doubt, when there is fear. But when all of these things are cleared, when all of these things are put away by the holy names of God, which are thousands of names.. then you will see His glory. You will feel His love.