What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Soul is shy.......

Very often we love God, no? Because He is the creator, we love Him, but we love the world also. Right? That’s the difference. That’s why I said urge, longing. We say superficially to make ourselves be happy, that we love God, but in reality what do we love? Tell me. What is this Love? If you have not yet known what Love is in itself, how can you say you love God? If you have not yet known your Self, you have not yet realised the Love inside of you, how can you say you love God? It’s easy to say, because scriptures talk about it. You come here; Swami said, “Yeah, love God” isn’t it? But what is this? Man is created, in a way, with three things; firstly the body, secondly, the mind and, thirdly, the soul. Let’s put it like that; the mind, body and the intellect, that’s what makes Man human. If we look at the combination of these three things, they are three things that dwell towards the outside. The body, which is bound by the senses, enslaves man. The mind is very difficult to control, because the mind always runs in the outside. And the intellect – what is the intellect? Not being too intellectual, but what is the intellect? The intellect is the search for the truth. It’s not in the mind, but rather it is in the consciousness. All three of these combined together dwell only in the outside, because these things need an object – the object of the outside.How will one know how to surrender? We talk about surrender, but the outside makes a lot of pressure. The easy way is to first, before the senses, mind and the intellect enjoy the object, to offer it to the Divine. Like that, in the mind there will be no question what one has to choose, because if it is already offered to the Divine, only what will benefit you will arise inside of you. The lower quality can’t access something which is in the higher level. In the same way, when we say we love God, until we discover the Love inside of us, we still have to search. We still have to dig deep inside, not outside. We all start here (pointing to the head). If you can’t calm your mind, if you can’t calm yourself, it’s very difficult. The first step is to try to calm yourself. Then what happens inside is that you will feel a little calmer. You will feel a little joy, but that’s not everything. Many people, they feel this and say “Yes, I have reached there” and then, one month later you ask, “How are you?” and they say “Well, I felt this Love only for two weeks and after two weeks it’s gone.” Or you come here and you feel it, then after two weeks it’s finished. Actually, this Love never finishes. It is there, but the mind covers it. What must happen to keep this love burning inside of you? Interact always with people. Usually when I say interact with people, what you will do? You will sit and gossip. That’s what interaction is nowadays, no? Talk about spiritual things, talk about what you feel, talk about God. The more you talk about God, the more this Love inside of you will grow more and more. Not only for two weeks, but it will always be with you. You will always feel it. That’s what Christ said: If two or three are gathered in my name, I shall be among them. This ‘two or three’ is this mutual Love – not in gossiping things, but in awakening the Divine Love within one’s Self. When this Love gets awakened, the longing, it’s like when you give a nice cake to somebody. You will always want this cake again. It’s the same thing once you discover the Love of God in you and around you, you will always long for more and more and this longing crosses over the body, mind and intellect. Then the soul reveals itself. Very often when people talk about the soul, it’s just mere words, because the soul in itself is very shy, in the same way that God is very shy. That’s why He shows Himself from time to time only. Until Love reaches a certain degree inside of you, the soul doesn’t reveal itself. That’s why when you do your sadhana, be sincere. When you do your work – any kind of work – be sincere about it. Do it with Love. You know this proverb I say: Work is worship, no? You know about it? That means, wherever you are, whatever you do, God is present with you. If you do it with the awareness that you are serving the Divine, He will reveal Himself. There is a saint who was a road cleaner who received the darshan of God where Krishna appeared in front of him, even Rama appeared. This is about how much Love you put in what you do. Often Love varies. When you sit in meditation, you are full of Love. When you sit for prayer, you are full of Love and then, when you go out, where is that Love? You left it inside the prayer room or you left it only in meditation. Be aware that, even if you don’t feel it, the Divine is always with you. As you long for Him, He longs more for you.

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