What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Thursday, July 26, 2012

To be able to realise God, one has to be humble.....

Christ said “What I have done up to you, you all have to do it. You all have to humble yourself. You all have to be ready to lower yourself”. Coming back to the point, in the Gita Krishna said “If you want to realise Me, you have to be more humble than a dry grass”. A dry grass: when we look at a dry grass, it is always crooked down. So if you want to be humble, you have to be even more down than that. And Christ has shown it by washing the feet of the disciples, showing the humility. He is One with God, He has realised the Unity with the Father. The Father had sent Christ but yet He was showing this humility for all the people. To be able to understand, to be able to realise God, one has to be humble. Without being humble, you can forget about it. Very often spiritual people think they are humble. Actually, they have the humility of the spiritual pride, you know. They think they’re humble, but when they really have to act in a humble way, it is completely the opposite. It is not about judging anybody, but it is about realising each one, by selfanalysing - where we can change, what we can change, how we can serve our brothers and sisters. How, in which point, we can say “Ok, let’s forget a little bit about I, I, I, but let’s think about ‘us’, ‘we’”. Imagine if, in your body, your right hand starts to do something that is not in communion with your whole body. What will happen? Huh? Chaos, no? Imagine if my hand will start moving left - right, right now. What would happen? I would not be able to be here, to talk with you, to do my work properly. If my eyes would be one up and one down, and one would want to do something else, nothing would work! Only when every part of your body works in accordance with each other, in unity; when each one is doing its own function, its own duty or dharma, then there is perfect unity. The same in a family: all work together to make a family. In a community it is the same thing, but at the same time each one has to do their own duty. That doesn’t mean that one has not to participate together. One participates together, makes it one family: that’s how the unity comes. But if one starts working against another, then it will be chaotic and there will be problems. And this is the weakness of which I have given many examples. Last year, also, I have told this example. Once there was a Teacher who knew that His time to depart was coming near, but looking at His disciples, He saw that they were all fighting against each another, because each one wanted to take the place of the Teacher. So, seeing that, the Teacher thought for a while and said to them, “Ok, all of you; go in the forest and bring me a piece of wood, a stick”. He told them a certain length - let’s say - a sixty centimetre stick. “All of you go there in the forest and bring it to me”. So all of them went, and all the twelve disciples came back and said “Ok, here, Master, we brought this wood”. And the Teacher took all of them, one by one, and started breaking them. And then He asked the disciples, “Come, break these”. The disciples took one stick, and, of course they broke it. Then the Teacher tied all the rest, which were left over, into a bundle and called the disciples again, and said, “Now break it”. When all the sticks were tied together, no one could break the bundle. The same thing: if you are all together, no one can do anything to you, but if one is against another, then nothing will work. In the Gospel, Christ showed also the ‘humbleness’ that we all have to have towards each other, the understanding towards each other, the Love towards each other. Love is there, but very often understanding is not there. So, this also the all-knowing Christ showed: that He knew everything that was happening and what would happen in advance, but he had also to fulfil what was written in the Scriptures; what God had talked to the prophets: He had to fulfil it. But there were expectations among the disciples of Jesus of how the Master would be: a lot of them were expecting Jesus to be a great Master, who would come and raise everything down and build up something new. If there is this kind of expectation among the disciples, and when it is not like that, they feel bad. That’s why Judas went and betrayed Christ. They expected “Oh, He will do this and He will do that”, but yet Jesus knew what His work was. He knew His duty. He knew for what reason He had incarnated and He did, according to His job. But yet the disciples didn’t know what their duty was. But yet they thought they knew, but when they realised their mistake, it was too late. Very often - it happens to everybody, actually, it was not only the disciples of Jesus, you know - but whenever you go to a Master, to a Teacher, in your mind you already expect certain things. You already create in your mind “Oh, you know, the Teacher will do this and this and that to me, He will tell me this and this and that to flatter me”. You already create it in your mind, but if in your mind you already have some expectations, then even if the Master would talk to you ten times, you would not hear anything.

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