What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let go......

Darshan in Prague 2009
We talk about God and we think about God, but still our mind
can’t comprehend Him, our mind can’t picture Him. Out of His
humbleness, He manifests Himself in different aspects, different
forms, so that we can focus our mind on these forms. And He has
different names, so that we can focus our intellect on these names.
But, we are so absorbed in our learning in order to feed the mind
that we forget about the Reality. By feeding our mind, we always
stay in the mind consciousness, in the mind level. And don’t think
that you will ever be able to understand and Realise your True Self
with your mind. It is only when you surrender your mind to the
Lotus Feet of God that you will really release yourself from this
bondage, from all this suffering. Then you can say “God, here I am.
I surrender to You without anything. Help me; pull me out of this
There is this beautiful story of Draupadi. She was married with
the five Pandavas and she regarded all five equally as her husband.
She loved all of them in the same way. One day they were playing
a dice game with their cousin, Duryodhan. The Pandavas had
put everything they had in this game and they lost everything,
because the dice that they were using were magic dice. So they lost
Seeing that, the other side, the Kauravas, said to them “What
else do you have? Now that you don’t have anything, we want you
to give also your wife, put in your wife, also.” And the Pandavas
agreed. So they even put their wife in, Draupadi, and they, also,
lost her. So to ridicule them, the Kauravas asked that Draupadi be
brought to the court and they tried to remove her sari. Of course,
when somebody is trying to remove your clothes, if you don’t want
this, what do you do? You hold onto them, no?
So Draupati was calling to Krishna “Govinda, come, where are
you?,” but at the same time, she was holding onto her clothes very
tightly. She kept calling Govinda, but He didn’t come, so she finally
felt tired and she let go. She lifted her hands up and again called
“Govinda.” In that moment, the Lord appeared and the sari started
to flow continuously. They pulled and pulled and pulled, metres
and metres of cloth were coming from her and still they were not
able to remove her clothes. So they renounced and let her go.
One day Draupati finally asked Krishna “Krishna, when I was in
the court, I was calling You. Why did you take so long to come?”
Krishna said “Well, my dear sister, when you called me and said my
name, Govinda, when you said, Go, I was leaving my palace to come
to you. When you said, vinda, I was already there. But when I was
there, I saw that you were hanging onto your clothes, so I didn’t
help you. And only when you let go of things, when you let go of
your clothes, did I help.”

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