What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hanuman is considered to be the model of bhakti, He is considered how one has to be in one’s spiritual path, and how devotional one has to be.....

Hanuman is an incarnation of Shiva. When Rama came down, all the Deities manifested themselves in the form of Monkeys – Vanara Sena. And Hanuman is Shiva Himself actually. That’s why it is said: when you pray to Hanuman, you receive the grace of Gauri Shankar. And, as I have explained during Ram Navami, the name Rama is a mixture of Om Namo Narayanaya and Om Namah Shivaya. The first word of Rama is: Om Namo Narayanaya, which is Ra, and Om Namah Shivaya, which is Ma. So the name of Rama is infused in Hanuman through His devotion. He was initiated in the name of Rama from childhood and His devotion had no limit. Even till now, it is said: wherever the name of Rama is being read, He is the first one to come and the last one to leave. Hanuman is immortal. He travelled the world around, protecting, giving His blessing to Rama devotees, to whoever prays to Lord Rama. Tulsidas knew that he would not be able to attain Ram by himself. He knew that his devotion was weak. He had to strengthen his devotion and the only way to strengthen His devotion to Lord Rama was to take Rama Bhakta, and become a devotee of Lord Rama. That’s what Krishna said in the Gita, “Whoever wants to come to me shall be devoted to my servants. The devotee of my servants is dearer to me”. So Tulsidas took the word of what is written also in Rama Charitra Manas. He surrendered to Hanuman and asked Hanumanji for His help and, of course, he didn’t know who Hanuman was. So through his penance of roaming around for days and days, he reached a spot, he heard a voice saying “Go to Varanasi. Go to the temple where the Rama Charitra Manas is being read”. Then he
asked “But how will I know Him?” Then the voice said “You will recognise Him, because He is an old man who will come. He will be the first one to come and the last one to leave”. So he went there and, when he went to the temple, he saw only one old man sitting. Then people filled up and, when everybody left, He was the only one left, the last one to leave. So he knew that He was Hanuman. He went and held the feet of the old man and said “Please, Prabhu, you are such a great devotee of the Lord, please guide me to Him. And bless me with a little bit of your devotion that you have to Lord Rama”. Hanuman at this moment, because He was in disguise, said “No, no, no, what are you doing?” You know, He wanted to test him. He rebuked him, pushed him away, but Tulsidas would not let go of His feet. And Hanuman was pleased with his devotion and said “I bless you that Lord Rama will come, but you will have to recognise Him”. So, when a few days later Tulsidas was on the bank of the Ganges, preparing pure sandal paste, two young men came
to him and said “We see that you are preparing some nice sandal paste. Can we have some?” Then Tulsidas said “Well, this sandal paste is for the king, for royalties. And I see that you are royalties, so you can have the sandal paste”. Of course he could not recognise who was in front of him. Then Hanuman was up on the tree where Tulsidas was sitting. He called Tulsidas and said “Tulsidas, this is your Lord in front of you”. When he now saw the Lord in front of him, Tulsidas left and took the chandan and held the feet of Rama.
This is how Hanuman helped the devotees of the Lord to find Him. So He is a model of devotion. So we can just pray that a little bit you can change like Him.

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