What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When the Spirit of God came upon the Apostles, they were gifted with seven gifts......

When you advance on your spiritual path, you discover that the more you advance towards God-Realisation, the more you develop certain qualities, certain gifts. That’s what it says in the Bible: When the Spirit of God came upon the Apostles, they were gifted with seven gifts. These seven gifts are the seven stages when
you rise up in yourself, when you move from the lower chakra to the crown  chakra. These are the stages through which one rises and receives the Spirit of God. You can see in the lives of saints that some saints are gifted and they are born with the whole of the qualities from their past lives, but some other saints advance stage by stage. This is receiving the Spirit of God. When one starts to advance, the Grace of knowing one´s spiritual path is this gift. Very often we forget what we are here for. We get attached so much in the material world that our true Self gets covered. The light that we have inside of us stops shining. You see it very often on peoples faces that they are so closed up. Everybody is here to look for real happiness. Why are they doing it? It is because they are running towards happiness, towards something that they don’t yet know about. They do things out of  ignorance. They are running away from some things that they don’t want to face, but this is not the way. You have to run, but you have to run from the mind to the heart, not to the outside. Often we run to the outside, trying to find real happiness, we will find happiness, yes, but temporarily, not permanently. You will have happiness just for some time. It’s the same thing when you want something badly and you pray to God all day and night, saying “God, give me this, give me this, give me this!” When you get this thing, you will enjoy it for some time, but what happens then? It will fade. The same level of happiness you had, you don’t get it back. The real happiness is when you can enjoy the Love of God completely, because His Love never fades. The more you love Him, the more you will want to love Him. Such Love one really has to cultivate, you have to love Him and want Him. Bug Him, call Him and as long as He doesn’t give Himself to you, keep harassing Him. Then He will get fed up and just say “Let me give it to him.” If we look at the world as it is nowadays, we can see that even if God came on Earth in front of somebody and said “Hey, I am here”, the person would say “Go away!” A story of Jesus just popped into my mind right now. After thousands of years, Jesus was sitting in Heaven and thinking “Maybe the world has changed. Let me go on Earth and see. Two thousand years ago I was there, but because I said ‘I am the Son of God’, they put me on the Cross and crucified me but, there were no churches at that time. So let me go and see, maybe they will recognise me and welcome me. They will know that I am here for their own good.” Jesus came to Bethlehem where He was born, He saw a church and He was walking towards the church when, at the same time, the mass was finished. People started to come out from the church and they saw a man coming, who was dressed like Jesus. They all started to make fun of Him “Oh, look at this mad man who is dressed like Jesus. What do you think he is?” Jesus was shocked and said “Oh my goodness, I thought that after thousands of years that they have been praying and calling to me they would recognise me, but here I am and they don´t even recognise me.” Jesus went to them and said “Listen, don’t you recognise me?” The people said “Oh, you are just a mad man who is dressed like Jesus.” Jesus answered “Oh, no, no, no, I am Jesus; you were just praying to me in the church!” but they said “No, he is mad.” Jesus said “My goodness, how come they don’t even know me now?” The people finally told Him “You better go away before the clergyman comes.” At the same time the clergyman, the priest was coming and Jesus went to him and said “Hey, I am Jesus!” The clergyman said “You mad man, keep quiet!” He took Jesus by force, brought Him inside and locked him in the Sacristy. Poor Jesus was locked in the Sacristy and He could not understand what was happening. He thought that after two thousand years with many churches around, people praying and Christianity fourishing, they would know Him. But no, poor Him, He was locked inside, so He sat there and waited. At night He saw a light; the clergyman was coming with a lantern and opened the door. When he opened the door, he fell at the feet of Christ and said to Him “Please, Master, forgive me.” Jesus asked “Why?” and he said “You know, I did recognise You when I saw You for the first time in the morning, but You see, the people are not ready to accept You. I locked You in here because You would start talking the Truth and it would be inconvenient for You to speak the Truth. People will never believe You, because they believe in the clergymen now.” So you see, even if God came, but you hadn’t prepared yourself to recognise Him, you would not recognise Him. Know that God will never come in His real aspect, like I just said, He came as Jesus. He will always come in disguise. Like that, I can tell you thousands of stories in the lives of some saints where Christ or the Divine Mother came in different forms to the people. Like that story, there are many stories in each of the saint’s lives. If each one of you became a saint, you would also have nice stories to tell. This is your aim to be, pray to God, tell Him “Yes, I want to become a saint” and ask for help. Ask the Divine Mother, ask God, ask Christ for help. They will help you. They are here all the time to help people to advance, to help all their children, all the brothers and sisters to reawaken the Divine qualities. That’s what they want that you all become, again, saintly. Say “Yes, I want to become a saint” and you will become! As long as you see sainthood far away, if you see that God is far away, you keep God away, but if you feel Him near to you and say to your mind “Yes mind, listen, God is near me and I will listen only to what I feel inside my heart. I will listen only to what God wants from me,” and clear this mind by chanting the name of God. Clear it by thinking positively, firstly about yourself and also about others around you. Like that, you will see that your heart will open up and this unconditional Love will also grow more and more. It’s like a river when it comes out from the source: it’s always small, but the more it advances towards the sea, what happens to it? It becomes larger and larger because on the way many rivers have joined together. On your spiritual path more and more streams of grace will join coming towards you and you will grow and grow. This is what you have to do – advance. Stop limiting yourself. Start saying “No” to your mind and make it positive.

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