What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When God calls You.....

The first level of understanding one has when one realises one’s spiritual path, when one finds one’s spiritual path, one has this great…Love. This is only when you have found the way. Once you have found your path, there will be a great Love, which will awaken inside of you. According to that great Love, the Divine is calling you. It is calling your soul to be again one with Him, to realise itself, the soul is exploding with this Love, like it’s sufocating within you, to know more and more, to reach Him more and more, then the Divine manifests itself in the form of the teacher. In that aspect of the teacher, he helps you to awaken this unconditional Love. That’s why the Guru in that aspect is called Premaka. Because Premaka is awakening the prem, the love inside of you once the love is awakened, you know how it is. Love is something which is always thirsty for more and more, the opposite of love is?(audience: hate?) No, no, not hate.. envy! When one has envy or avarice one wants more and more, the same quality is with Love also, because when pure Love awakens it will want more and more, because it is like a volcano where when there is a small hole in the earth, what happens? All the magma, all that is inside, which is burning with so much power, wants to come out, no? When it finds a small hole it pushes through with its force and strength, comes out and explodes. That’s how you get a big volcano explosion, but the same explosion happens inside of man, when one finds one’s path and one realises this Love, the explosion happens inside more and more and more. This is at the heart level here (pointing to the heart), still then it is bound by the mind. The mind wants to understand what is happening, because the Divine knows what is happening to its creation, what is happening to your soul. Your soul longs! But your mind is stopping it, and that’s why many people start on the spiritual path and half way through they say “Oh my goodness, I am tired” you know that, no? They get diverted.., they let the mind take over, but if they are patient and wait.., what will happen? The Divine, the Master will take another aspect of Himself, which is called Svatchaka. In this aspect of the Divine in this aspect of the teacher, it helps to...What is Svatchaka? (audience: “to slap” – laughter) No, not to slap, it is to clean! You know like a mirror, a mirror is very beautiful, Your soul has everything. Don’t forget that in reality, your soul is part of God, all religions say that, but you will not see yourself in it until it is… clean! Then you say “Wow, look how beautiful I am!” You then ask the mirror “Mirror mirror, who is the most beautiful?” Like that the Master takes the aspect of Svatchaka to clean all the doubt, to clean all the negativity from the mind. The mind is something which is holding very much onto negativity. For example, when something good happens in one’s life, it is very easy for one to forget about it. But if something bad happens in one’s life, you will probably remember about this your whole life, right, no? This is how the mind is, so with all this, because of the mind’s power, the Master has to take the aspect of cleansing. This is where the Master gives a test to the disciples to make them ready. What is a test? You go to school, no? You learn for a year, and at the end of the year you have a big exam where you will either pass or fail. If you fail you repeat it, if you pass you carry on. The law of nature is the same thing and also it is the same thing with the cosmic law. When the soul is calling, the tests come, and a test is not something bad or something terrible. It’s actually to strengthen yourself, to make yourself ready to receive that which is greater and about to come. In the form of this aspect of the teacher, the soul is growing and cleansing itself of all negativity. When the cleansing of negativity happens, the trust awakens, and when the trust is awakened, the Guru takes the aspect of Vachaka, where the Guru infuses the disciple with wisdom. I didn’t use the word knowledge now because knowledge is limited. The knowledge that we are talking about just now is limited. The power of word, not the cosmic word, but the power of word that we utter through the mouth is limited. It would only be good to awaken the love and the longing to search. Then in Vachaka, the Master infuses one with divine knowledge; the knowledge of the soul. In these three aspects He gives you the Love, helps you in realising to cleanse all the negativity of the mind, and infuses you with Divine Wisdom. Then you grow. Then the Master takes another aspect which is to free oneself completely from everything. Janardhaneshwara, this is another name of Krishna. When one has wisdom, one sees only one thing, which is the reality. Everything around which we can describe in words outside for the mind, is an “illusion”, yes. Behind this illusion there is one reality which is hidden, there is one reality which is giving strength of power to all and this reality is also inside of you. That’s why the way a Teacher or Master sees things is not the same as people see it, because there is no judgement. Man is bound by judgement through the mind. Through the heart one can see just love, only love, but unconditional love. These are, in short, the steps of how the soul progresses, how the soul receives help and how the soul is tested. Actually, that’s why I said at the beginning that it is not a coincidence that you are all on the search, because your soul has manifested it, your soul has already through many lifetimes burned certain sanskaras, and is now advancing; until you attain your true Self completely, until you radiate who you are, not as individuality but as unity, as the oneness. In this short time it sounds very easy, but it takes its time. For some it takes years, for some it can take just a few seconds or a few minutes. How long depends on how much one is looking at things with the heart.

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