What I want to share from my experiences is that love conquers everything.It is my hope that it will inspire the readers to open their hearts to the Divine. If we can try to understand that we all are equally part of the Divine and are here to achieve this greater Truth and to realise our Self - if we make this our goal and do everything with Love…then everything will be lovely and you will always be happy.


Sri Swami Vishwananda

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Love that the devotee has for the Satguru, the Love that the devotee has for the Divine.

This Love is one single-minded Love. This Love is a Love where the devotee doesn’t expect anything, apart from the Lord Himself. And, in this Love, nothing can move the bhakta, no matter what comes! When Meerabai was singing for Krishna, people would say “She’s crazy”, but this didn’t change her faith, this didn’t change her Love. She was so concentrated. Her mind was so focused and one-pointed toward the Lord, that nothing could move her. It is said that devotion has another name: one single-pointed mind. When your mind is completely focused on God, you will have Him.Well, you see, when one is concentrated, when one is focused on God, when one is in deep meditation, one is not affected by anything around, by any noise, by any touching. Even if a snake is crawling on you, it will not affect you, because you are calm and your mind is on God. Focus on the Love of God that you have inside of you. Focus on the Divine, which is present inside of you and focus in a way that nothing on the outside can move you. No matter what comes, nothing can move you! Christ said it: Make your faith, build your faith on the stone. Be so strong that no wind can move you, that no wind can destroy this.Become a pillar of this faith. This kind of concentration you should have: when you’re focused, when you sit down for meditation, you don’t hear anything, you don’t think about anything, only the Lord,only Him, nothing else.So, when you sing the Name of God, close your eyes and let yourself be drawn into it. When you sing the name of Krishna, just see Krishna in front of you. When you sing the name of Devi, see Shakti in front of you. When you sing the name of Jesus, see Him in front of you. By focusing your mind on the Divine, when placing the holy image in your mind, you conquer the mind. You conquer the agitation of the mind and, when it’s focused, the Satguru inside your heart will guide you. So, when you sing, close your eyes and visualise.What I will sing next is the greatness of Love, the greatest prayer that exists. So, when I sing Sabse Oonchi, then you say Prema Sagai,meaning: “Love is the greatest prayer. This bhajan was written by Surdas, one of the devotees of Krishna, one of the greatest devotees of Krishna. He was blind and, when the Lord appeared in front of him, the Lord said to him, “Surdas, what do you want?”Surdas, looking at Krishna, said, “My Lord, my eyes have seen You now. Make me blind, again. I don’t need to see the world, because I have seen You, I have seen everything.” Such was his Love and that was what he wrote about, what he expressed in his singing, the greatness of the Love of the devotee to the Lord, to the Satguru.

Listen to the Bhajan....


Anonymous said...

Emazing entry! With God, devotion it is like with swimming - one cant be halfaway in water - either one is in or out! With Love, with Divinity is the same - either we want Him and nothing else matters or we are hypocrites!!! But whom we are fulling? Is is it not us who will suffer if we dont give up our "clever, smart, best, cunny, educated" mind? Can mind make us feel Being in Love and forget ourselves? Did they teach us this skill at eh University? Only Satguru can shows us how to get back to Love, to the hearty! But we must follw Him and want it 100%!Jay

Anonymous said...

DeraBeing doubtless is the utmost target of the student. Therefore, whatever you do should be made perfect. You should never have doubts. Just do it!...You must have a doubtless mentality. Others may not have full confidence in themselves yet, and so they may have some lingering doubts. To have confidence you must have a pure heart and be true to yourself. You must not be proud or vain. One of the first steps toward doubtlessness is to have no pride but you must have great belief in what you are doing. Then only will you know what to do at the proper time.
I wanted to tell You from the deapth of my heart how much these posts You choose are helpfull and meaningfull! You are very instrumental to His mission shareing true wisdom. This is ment private comment to You and please dont post it! I do attache something which I felt You will appreciate as much as I did. It is a quote of one of the Siddha Masters- pls read above!JGD